Mellow Ads Tutorial

Here are instructions to create a new ad and Daily Campaign on Mellow Ads. You can view the banners from the original campaign here, and here is the MCS Assets link.

1. Navigate to Advertise > Create New Advert, and in the dropdown box enter the same info as below, and click Create.

Bitcoin Black
Get 3600 Free Bitcoin Black Coins ($36 Value)

2. Now on the newly created ad’s details page, click Add Banner (bottom right) to add all 15 banners like in the screenshot below.

Note: You don’t need to name the banners when adding them, since Mellow’s system will automatically name them according to each image’s dimensions.

Once finished, submit the ad for approval, and Mellow will approve it within 24 hours. Once it’s approved, it should look like this:

3. Click on Start network campaign and then Start daily campaign.

In the dropdown box enter:

Campaign name: BitcoinBlackDaily001 (or leave blank)
Duration: 1
Amount per day: Your full available balance

Click Start campaign.